Parental Advisory System

The American Amusement Machine Association together with its sister association, the Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA), have developed a coin-operated Video Game Parental Advisory System for coin-operated video games. The system was developed to educate consumers about the content of  various video games, using an easy to follow color-coded system.

As part of the System, AAMA and AMOA, have agreed to a landmark industry-wide Code of Conduct that will help raise awareness of and compliance with the new System.  In a further effort to ensure widespread implementation of the System, AAMA and AMOA have collaborated on the development and implementation of a comprehensive program targeting manufacturers, developers, distributors, location-owners and operators of video games.

To obtain a Game Rating Form, Manufacturer Code of Conduct or PACT Signatory Letter, please contact the AAMA at 847.290.9088.

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